Dear PSASA member & guest,
How’s business?
We often talk about the art and business of speaking precisely because this is a business.
Join us on 12 June 2014 for our PSASA Gauteng chapter meeting for an evening dedicated to the theme “How’s business”.
Session one: Business Models
· What are the various business models you could adopt in your speaking business?
· How does your business actually create, capture and deliver value?
· How do you design your business model?
· Is your business model current? Is it successful and sustainable?
Session two: The art and science of speaking fees
· Latest thinking in fee structuring
· Fees, beyond the speech: negotiating serious contracts
· Business Contracting: Retainers, time-based, percentage-based, fixed-price contracts and more. Which types are best for the speaking business?
· Are we finally able to settle this question: are you negotiable?
· Fee integrity.
Both these sessions will be conducted by Stef du Plessis MPhil, CSP Global, SdPFA, SASHoF

About Stef du Plessis

Stef du Plessis MPhil, CSPGlobal, SdPFA, SASHOF holds two unique distinctions as a member of the PSASA, in that he is the founder of our association, and that he is our only member ever to have earned every available PSASA award and accreditation.
Over the past 23 years he has worked just about every model known to the speakers, with such success that he has been invited to speak on his business model and on ‘the business’ of speaking at the NSA in the USA and in Australia on numerous occasions. He also holds another unique distinction, shared by very few speakers globally, regarding the frequency with which he has been invited to present on the main stages of GSF member-nation conventions here at home and abroad; he spoke at the inaugural GSF Global Summit in Singapore, as well as at the next two bi-annual events in Cape Town and Dubai, and he has also delivered keynotes at annual NSA and PSA conventions in NZ, Australia and the UK on numerous occasions – making him one of the most in-demand speakers at NSA and PSA events globally. But what really distinguishes him is the fact that he has also spoken on the main stage of the NSA in the USA – an honour that has been bestowed on very few non-American speakers, ever.
Stef really has worked numerous business models as a speaker. In his early days as a speaker during the early 90’s he worked exclusively as a keynote speaker. Next, he expanded his offering to include training. Soon, he managed to sell every working day of every year for a few years running. So it followed that he built a team of associates who presented his programmes both in South Africa and abroad. His next step was to franchise his programmes. Then he partnered with fellow speaker Steve Simpson, CSP in Australia to develop a formidable body of intellectual property. In recent years he and Steve have managed to re-engineer their business to a point where a very significant part of their offering is now internet-based, thus enabling them to run multi Million Rand programmes for global enterprises without either of them having to be on site to deliver presentations – most recently for a global bank who runs their programmes across 26 countries… without Steve or Stef ever needing to visit any of these sites in person.
This is a session not be missed. Stef will share, both in person and with the help of some of his speaker friends, insights and secrets that will take years off your learning curve when it comes to your selection of a model of choice for your speaking and training business. 
Meeting Details
Venue: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown
Date: 12 June 2014
Time: 18h00 for 18h30 (dinner), Start of meeting 19h00
Cost: Free to all paid up PSASA members, R200 for guests
Bookings can be done via email to our Administrator, Simone Scholtz – or online by clicking here.
Please RSVP by no later than 10 June 2014.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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