Session One:
Learn how to craft deal-closing sales letters that have generated more than R50-million

Are you frustrated that your expensive website is not delivering on its promise of getting you more speaking and training assignments?
Does it drive you to distraction that nobody is signing up to your world-class newsletter?
Do your direct marketing email campaigns deliver paltry results?
If you’ve had enough of the poor results you are getting out of your direct marketing efforts, you should seriously consider attending the next Gauteng Chapter meeting.
Direct response copywriter and Immediate Past President of the PSASA, Jacques de Villiers will be sharing the exact blueprint to writing sales letters that convert.
I have attended one of Jacques’s presentations on web design and marketing. Brilliant value for money and he really shares openly. A great presence and personality as presenter, and important to me … a humble man. I have much respect for Jacques and can really recommend him. Wolfgang Riebe, CSP, Past President of PSASA
In the one-hour session, you’ll discover:

  • The anatomy of a well-crafted sales letter
  • How to construct an excellent ‘call-to-action’ landing page
  • How to get visitors to sign up to your newsletter
  • How to write compelling headlines
  • The Law of Odd
  • What’s more effective … long copy or short copy?
  • How to use the Ziegarnik Effect to arouse curiosity
  • The silly mistake that Jacques made that got him 93 delegates onto his course in a record 3 days
  • How to get testimonials that actually mean something
  • The greatest sales letter of all time. Jacques will dissect it and show you how you can ‘swipe it’ and use it for your own sales copy.
  • And lots more

Jacques is a talented writer, an amusing speaker and a sales and marketing guru. You can trust Jacques to deliver a smile and keep a promise. I know I do. Sandy Pullenger, Managing Director, nFold.

About Jacques de Villiers
Jacques studied direct response copywriting through theAmerican Writers and Artists Inc in 2006. He has spent tens of thousands of rands skilling himself up in the field of direct response copywriting and has spend endless hours studying the greatest direct copywriters of all time: David Ogilvy, Joseph Sugarman, Bob Bly, Drayton Bird, John Caples, Claude Hopkins and Martin Conroy amongst others.
Jacques has written direct response sales letters for 27 companies. These letters have generated in excess of R50-million in revenue.
He is currently heavily involved with copywriting projects for a company in Bangalore, India.
Jacques is a great coach, consultant and speaker who knows his material very, very well. The Other Michael Jackson, SASHoF

  • You’ll receive a soft-copy of Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins
  • You’ll also receive a step-by-step blueprint template on how to write winning sales letters

Jacques has a way with words. He is able to clearly and articulately express ideas and concepts in a readable fashion. His copy is clear and effective. I highly recommend Jacques. Richard Riche, CEO, One Clear Message

Session two:

Management Consulting from an Expert!

  • What if we could hear from a Partner/Director responsible for Management Consulting in one of the Big Four consulting firms in the world?
  • What if she could help you tweak your consulting model? As we have heard, sometimes a simple tweak in your business can produce extraordinary (and surprising) results.
  • When was the last time you reviewed your consulting model as a Professional Speaker?
  • Does everything you do help organizations to improve their performance?
  • What are some of the mistakes that all consultants should avoid?

In short, she knows management consulting.
Her qualifications include: Global Executive Development Programme, GIBS, 2011; HR Leadership Academy Certificate Course, CLC (Corporate Leadership Council) 2010; Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, WITS, 2000.
Some of her success and skills include: Leading and conducting Organisational Development initiatives for a large Fuels Research organisation going through a major restructuring exercise.
Designing and facilitating a cultural change initiative for an international media house.
Facilitating Succession Planning initiatives for medium sized organisations within an IT Environment, an Auditing Firm and a Packaging Company.
Come and learn from an expert and taking add a zero in your consulting line.