Join us on Thursday, 16 January for our first PSASA Gauteng chapter meeting for the year 2014. We are very excited to get going again, and we are looking forward to a brilliant year with all our members.
What you will learn:
First Session
Visionary goals, smart goals, success and happiness: Living an even better story in 2014

Facilitator: Chapter President Petro Janse van Vuuren
You will have to do some preparation for this one, so please keep reading:
1. Introduction to the roles different types of goals play in the making of a good story.
2.  Please think about the following 3 questions in preparation for the meeting.
a) What 3 things have worked for you in the past and are you going to hold on to this year, no matter what??
b) What things that had been part of your business for a long time are you going to let go of because things have changed?
c) What goals did you set in 2013 that did not get realised and what did you learn from it?

Feedback on Town Hall Meeting
National President, Jacques de Villiers
Second Session
Think Like A Publisher To Sell More Keynote Speeches On The Web in 2014

Speaker: Professional Member, Francois Muscat
Google has made wholesale changes to its algorithms that have turned search engine optimisation upside down.
What worked in 2012/13 is not working now.
Professional speakers are losing their Top 10 Google rankings left and right and don’t know what to do about it.
And some have never even sniffed a Top10 Google ranking and don’t know how to get to that lofty peak.
So, if you want top rankings on Google and be perceived as your industry go to person, then it might be worth spending time with the PSASA’s very own digital marketing expert, Francois Muscat. He’ll introduce us to the new and ever-changing world of search.
Discover how to:
– Write for people and not for search engines
– How to write content that pique’s Google’s interest and is of real value to your target audience
– How to build up your authority profile (authorship)
– Capitalise on social media and social signals to get better rankings
Meeting Details:

January 16, 2014
Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown
18h30 – 21h30
Bookings can be done online by clicking here or via email by sending a note to Simone –