Authenticity: speakers must walk their talk on and off the platform

Although not a professional speaker himself, Wessel has seen more speakers on more stages than most. And, through his work with many of the world’s leading organisations, he has also seen these same speakers off stage: in meetings and briefing sessions, while he sits on the client’s side of the table; in social settings at conventions; and within these same organisations where some speakers then do follow-on work. If ever there was anyone who has been in an ideal position to form a qualified birds-eye view of speakers, looking in at us from the outside, then it has to be Wessel Pretorius – and, during his session, he will reveal all. In the process, you will learn how our clients and audiences see us, and what we can do to crank up our game.


About Wessel Pretorius

Wessel’s primary discipline is psychology applied to the executive workplace, based on his earlier work with high Wessel Pretoriusperformance elite sports men and women.

After serving 4 years as a Psychologist in the Defence Force, he joined a leading Management and Human Resource consulting firm, followed by a decade with Standard Bank and Nedbank. Later, he served tenures with a number of national and international Consulting and Information Technology firms. In the process he was a member of a number of executive leadership teams, which triggered his interest in the functioning of leadership teams.

He then started and ran an organisation focused on strategic and tactical change, which opened the door for him to join YSC, running their Johannesburg office.

Wessel has worked with most of the top 100 organisations in South Africa, as well as with numerous other enterprises around thje globe.

He has delivered papers at numerous conferences bothe in SA and abroad, and has been a guest lecturer at most of the bigger universities and business schools in South Africa.

Wessel holds these degrees and qualifications: BA (Hons) Psychology, MA (Counselling Psychology), MBA (University of Pretoria), MBA (exchange student) Rotterdam School of Business, CCC from the Oxford University (Said School of Business) and an Executive MSC in Business Studies from HEC (Paris).

He was also a founding Board member of the International Association of Change Management Professionals.


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