How collaboration is changing the world

Janice SheckterWith the industrial era and information age in our past, we find ourselves in the Collaborative Era but many remain unaware of what this actually is or what it means. Its impact globally is quite astounding from revolutions and over thrown dictators, to broken city revivals, global innovations and multi-billion start-ups.

This talk explores what the collaborative era means to each one of us as citizens, business leaders and as entrepreneurs. The audience can expect ingredients of disruption, innovation and real audaciousness.

About Janice Scheckter

Janice believes that many world problems will be solved through better collaboration between people. She is Managing Director of Indigo New Media and Founder and MD of The Wine School. “At Indigo New Media our MTP (Massive Transformational Purpose) is – Changing the world, one community at a time. “ Janice’s focus is on bringing more people into the Collaborative Era and shifting much of what we do to have more social impact.

She has some cool notches in her work-life belt including the launch of Levi Strauss in South Africa a role in the ANC manifesto launch in 1994, but believes that collaboration is going to be the coolest.

Janice speaks of Indigo New Media as a business around social entrepreneurs engaging in building strong communities around education, economic development and poverty alleviation, entrepreneurs, safer cities and empowered citizens.


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