Hello Peter

While there are many celebrities who take up professional speaking after having made it into the spotlight through quests of personal excellence, there have been very, very few people, ever, who have managed to reverse these roles by becoming a ‘celebrity’ as a consequence of their work as a professional speaker. Peter Cheales is one of these few: From entering the world of professional speaking as an ‘unknown’, through to writing bestselling books, and on to creating HelloPeter, the world’s biggest Customer Service website. But it was the sale of HelloPeter – obviously for a very significant sum of money – that put Peter into a class of one. This is quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to hear – informal chat-style – how he pulled this off. Whatever you do, do not miss this session.


About Peter Cheales

Peter started out his career on the stage as a professional song-and-dance man. Then to Wits University, where he Peter Cheales 1was awarded the prestigious Sandra van der Merwe Advertising Trophy after graduating from Wits in 1982 with B.A. and M.B.A. degrees.

Consulting, lecturing, and owning Adlab Advertising agency for a decade, until Peter wrote his best selling book, I Was Your Customer in 1994, which launched him onto the professional speaking circuit. Eight editions later, the book still continues to hit the best-selling charts.

Peter is best known for founding Hellopeter.com in 2000. It has become the largest Customer Service website in the World – and perhaps the most powerful directory of Customer Feedback for Companies regarding their Customer Service.


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