Investing in Diamonds … Inner Diamonds

After working 17 years in humanitarian aid, managing teams and projects in crisis situations, working with and for Amelie Yan-Gouiffespeople in deep distress; today holding the flag of a coach and speaker – I witness and experience that, once we are able to tap into our inner power, this unique potential that we hide within, this diamond that’s shining through the coal… once we are able to dig it out, we bring up something precious, empowering and transformative – in oneself, in others and in the world. Amelie will share with you her experience and effective techniques to reveal your inner diamond and to support others to do the same.


About Amelie Yan-Gouiffes

Amelie’s passion is to support others to grow, to unleash their unique talent and bring it to the world. She left home at 18 years old, eager to meet and dive into other cultures and perspectives.  This  need to support and to discover took her to Ex-Yugoslavia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Haiti, Nicaragua, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries where she worked with NGOs, Red Cross, UN, European Union procuring to save lives and to reduce suffering. After being certified and accredited ACC (Associate Certified Coach) by the International Coach Federation, she founded “Be and Become” , dedicated to take people and organisations to become who they truly are, through coaching, public speaking training and power speaking and facilitation. She is Associate Member of the Asia Speakers Association (Singapore).


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