Here are some alternative accommodation options, should you not wish to stay at the Sunnyside Park hotel:
Please note that all the prices quoted below, may change without any prior notice.
Houghton Guest House

  • Suites available from R495 per person and R349 per person sharing.
  • Apartment available at R1395 per night.

Houghton Guest House 1 Houghton Guest House 2 Houghton Guest House 3
Foxwood House
Rates are quoted inclusive of breakfast and exclusive of VAT irrespective of season.

  • Single Occupation: R800.00 (excl. VAT) per person per night
  • Double Occupation: R1100.00 (excl. VAT) per couple per night

Foxwood house 3 Foxwood house 2 Foxwood house 1
Garden Court Milpark Hotel
Rates from R900 per night – single occupant
Garden court milpark 1 Garden court milpark 2 Garden milpark 3
Protea Hotel Wanderers
Rates from 900 per night – single occupant
Protea Hotel Wanderers 1 Protea Hotel Wanderers 2 Protea Hotel Wanderers 3
Hotel Formula 1 Sandton North
Email to book –
Formula 1 Formula 2