Proposal to Sponsors

We shall be presenting the 9th annual convention of the PSASA on 11 & 12 April 2014 at the Sunnyside Hotel in Johannesburg. This event will be attended by up to 180 people, but the news and regular bulletins will be sent out to thousands of people in the speaking, conferencing and events industry. In addition to our members, we send out enrolment forms to speaker bureaus, non-members and thousands of clients of participating speakers. The campaign to promote the convention will commence in August 2013.
The event will afford a variety of opportunities for sponsors, including the following –

  • Appearance of the sponsor’s name and logo at the foot of all written communications to potential attendees of the convention and on the PSASA web site*;
  • For the principal sponsor, branding of the convention, e.g. ‘The 2014 Name of your Company Convention and a double ticket to the banquet on the Saturday night;
  • A table in the reception area of the convention, with marketing materials and occupied (at your discretion) by a representative;
  • Appearance of the sponsor’s name and logo on the convention program*;
  • Mention by the Masters of Ceremonies during the convention;
  • Official thanks during the opening and closing addresses*;
  • Branding of the convention venue with appropriate banners etc;
  • Branding of any handouts (including electronic files) provided by speakers at the convention;
  • Appearance in the ‘rolling video display’ that will play in the venue between speaker presentations;
  •  The opportunity to include handouts in the convention ‘goodie bags’*;
  • Branding of the convention recordings, that are on sale to attendees and others;
  • Branding of the follow-up materials and webinars that may follow the convention*.


Sponsor the PSASA Convention

Three classes of sponsor:

Principal Sponsor

The Principal Sponsor is invited to take all the branding opportunities listed above, for a payment of R20 000, 00 and a branded gift for each attendee (‘goodie bag’ content);

Prominent Sponsor

For a donation of R5 000 to the convention costs, and a branded gift for attendees –
All of the opportunities marked with an asterisk* above, together with a banner in the reception area of the convention and mention on the PSASA web site;

Additional Sponsor

For a donation of R2 500 plus a branded gift for ‘goodie bags’, these sponsors will be thanked officially and will have their branding appear on the rolling video display, plus mention at the opening and closure of the convention and on the web site and at the foot of the program.
You can download this Proposal to Sponsors as well as the PSASA Company Profile documents here.
Please send e-mail to or if you require any additional information.