PSASA Podcast: “In My Own Words”

Every speaker has stories to tell and lessons that they have learnt that they can share to help other speakers and which can be stimulating, enlightening, and inspiring for others.

In My Own Words is the official podcast channel for PSASA and is packed with high energy and uplifting content. We will be releasing four new episodes every month.

The podcast is hosted by one of our own Johannesburg Chapter members, Family Business Coach and Advisor, Tsitsi Mutendi. She allows her guests to share their unique, interesting and inspiring stories and their journey to the present.

In each episode, Tsitsi tries to find out the following from each speaker:

  • Why did they pick their specific niche and how is it helping others?
  • How can PSASA help you grow?
  • What is the best and worst advice they received from a PSASA member?

Through the “Speaking as a Business” series that airs twice a month, Tsitsi hosts guests who speak on creating a speaking business, managing expectations and the 101 on what to do to build your speaking business.

You can listen to the podcast on seven different platforms – click here to pick your preferred platform.

Please subscribe to the channel and share the link with any of your colleagues, family members, and friends who may be interested.