Paul du Toit CSPExpertise: Paul du Toit is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He also teaches presenting and speaking skills and is the author of 2 books on the subject. In his talks, Paul focuses on achieving extraordinary results through changing the human mindset, whether it’s the ability to speak to an audience with confidence, change behaviour in a sustainable way or develop lasting profitable customer relationships. Paul speaks and coaches in Southern Africa and internationally, and is a frequent contributor to speaker association conventions and the Speaker magazine.
“Combine, inspiration, education and great content and what you have is Paul du Toit. I saw him once again speaking in Amsterdam Holland recently and was blown away. If you are looking for someone to take your conference to the next level, Paul is your man.” – Frank Furness CSP – Speaker – Author – Journalist
Background: Paul du Toit, CSP is the first South African this century to be awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation (2008). Committed to serving the speaking profession, he is a past president (2005-2006) of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, and a past secretary of the Global Speakers Federation.
“Paul is brilliant. The added value he delivered from his presentation was awesome. He brings a comprehensive, unique view of bringing about mindset shift in individual teams and corporates.  The presentation is focused, pragmatic, challenging and makes a difference. I would happily recommend him to anyone in my network.” – Eric Peacock, Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives
About Paul: Paul is married to Trudi and is the father of two daughters. He played guitar professionally in the early eighties prior to embarking on a career in the financial services sector where he achieved 6 consecutive International Quality Awards (1987 to 1992). He is the Managing Director of the Congruence Group which he founded in 1995 – specializing in training and development.
Paul is a wine enthusiast, and is known for imprisoning quality wine in his cellar prior to enjoying it when it is just right. He played league tennis for 26 years and started running as a hobby in 2002, and has completed 12 marathons, including 4 consecutive Two Oceans ultra marathons.
“Paul du Toit presents in a style that is relaxed, effective and incredibly memorable. Through storytelling, gentle humour and incisive delivery, he provides you with tools that make you think in a fresh and different way. I have no doubt that his message will stay with you for years after you have seen him speak. There are few speakers in the world with that talent, or who deliver that much value” – Alan Stevens, The Media Coach, Author and Past President Global Speakers Federation.
7 reasons why Paul should speak at your next conference (in his own words).
Experience. Your conference is a substantial investment. It and takes a great deal of planning and involves concerted effort and expense. You owe it to yourself to book an experienced speaker who takes the trouble to understand your brief and delivers accordingly. In fact, it’s vital.
Great content. You will want your people to take away practical, solid, information that they can immediately put to use. This is a trademark of my talks.
Entertaining. I weave infectious humour into all of my talks. When people are having fun, they assimilate better and remember more. Just like you do.
Authority. I teach others how to speak with passion, authority and persuasiveness. I published a book “You Can Present with Confidence on the subject of presenting which is now in its 2nd edition. You can rightfully expect me to be practice what I preach.
Education. As one of only a handful of Certified Speaking Professionals (see below) on the African continent, I invest heavily each year in becoming a better speaker. I really believe that a speaker is only as good as their last speech.
Topics. I speak about changing Mindsets – whether it’s Speaking, Sales, Service or Success in order to dramatically improve results. More often that not, a mindset shift is the key driver of acceleration towards improved results.
Value Guarantee. If my talk does not fully meet your expectations, you only pay what you thought it was worth. This is my “no questions asked” guarantee to all my clients.
Keynote speeches and workshop sessions:
“Paul du Toit’s presentation at the NSAA Convention in Melbourne Australia was ‘world class’.  His content and delivery were outstanding. He imparted relevant information in a way that left me excited that I had learnt so much in such a short time.  I can immediately transfer the benefits and apply to my own presentations thus improving my own performance.” – Brenda Eckstein (Brenda Eckstein International), Business Consultant and Trainer. 
Just Remember The One Thing: A powerful inspirational keynote packed with stories, metaphors and humour illustrating the power of self belief, purposeful values and a compelling life mission. Paul delivered this keynote as the very first international speaker to deliver a keynote at the German Speakers Convention in Herzogenaurach in 2006. Motivation/inspiration 40 to 80 minutes.
Six Steps to a Winning Attitude: The secrets to sustainable success are outlined in this motivational keynote, which addresses Habits, Conditioning, Change, Attitude, Purpose and Perseverance. A self standing keynote, or a follow up to “Just Remember The One Thing”. Combine with the above keynote for a riveting full morning Winning Attitude session.
Mindset Shift: A high level, intellectual perspective on changing the way you think in order to achieve the results you want. Addresses mindset shift from an individual, team, organisation and national level. Keynote or morning session. The longer session is ideal for top level groups and encourages interaction and discussion. The shorter version delivered as a keynote. Change 45 minutes to 120 minutes.
Mind Blowing Customer Service: This talk has evolved significantly since Paul’s first customer service keynote in 1997. His light-hearted but highly practical approach to service will give any organisation a rock solid blueprint to achieving client satisfaction through its people. Client Service 45 to 120 minutes.
Relationship Selling: Sales techniques have evolved into an advanced era where relationships, effective systems and a key account approach are vital. This talk addresses sales psychology, efficient prospecting and a step by step relationship selling cycle that works. Sales Psychology 60 to 120 minutes – also available as a full day session
Present With Confidence: Paul teaches speakers how to speak with greater impact. He delivers presentation skills at executive level. The 2nd edition of Paul’s book, “You Can Present With Confidence” was published by the Greenleaf Book Group Press in 2011. From coaching to full 3-day programs. He is co-author of “The Exceptional Speaker” with the Media Coach, Alan Stevens FPSA.
“When I first contacted Paul du Toit, it was because I wanted to be trained by the best. I can personally vouch that his training and his sage business advice has paid me back over and over again what I initially invested. Not only does Paul know his craft through and through, but he is also the master of layering in countless nuances that transcend both cultural and individual differences, with a mix of exuberance and intelligent control. I would not go to anyone else.” – Dr Carolyn Neser.
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