Pat McKrill, a funny and entertaining speaker, will be speaking on the Friday afternoon of our Convention. The title of Pat’s speech is:

It Ain’t Necessarily So – Break Out of a fixed mind-set and Live a LittlePat McKrill

If you need a ‘feel good ‘start to your 2015 Convention, a ‘wake up’ in your thinking, and a good laugh to boot, don’t miss this.


Pat was born in London, raised and educated in Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe – and he and his family emigrated from Zimbabwe to South Africa in 1983.

In his day job, Pat is a freelance technical trainer and consultant in the Retail Tyre Industry, having been involved in the industry for over 40 years.

For fun, he has a number of interests:
o He is a speaker and is in demand as an MC and keynote speaker, who speaks on a wide range of subjects from motivational to educational.

o He is an armchair naturalist with a particular interest in herpetology (the study of reptiles) and is called upon to act as an environmental consultant, and speak on related issues.

o Pat writes articles for various publications, and has recently published his first book, entitled “Getting to Know the Neighbours”, which was written about coming to terms with the things that live around us and impact on our lives.

o He is a part time inventor and plays lousy golf.