I love the monthly PSASA Chapter Meetings. Recently I have been lucky enough to attend meetings in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. I don’t know why, but I just cannot seem to match the dates and get to a meeting in Johannesburg. Each of the meetings have their own style and personalities that come to the fore but each seem to have many things in common.

The one thing that strikes me about the chapter meetings around the country is the camaraderie. Most of the members and associates seem to go to the meetings because they just like to hang out with people who have the same motivation, to change minds. Sometimes we are changing the mind of just one person and other times, perhaps, a thousand or more. Sometimes we manage to change a company’s direction, get a group of people to do things differently or to encourage action where in the past there was lethargy. Sometimes we leave just a small spark, an idea perhaps, that will grow and develop into monumental change. Most times we never know the difference we make, just have the determination to go on trying to make a difference.

So, we get together at our meetings and share ideas and learn from each other, but mostly we attend the meetings to spend time with friends and make new friends while we are there.

I love the chapter meetings and have on occasions turned down work just because it clashes with a meeting. I look forward to hanging out with you in 2017 at the next chapter meeting in your area. Wishing all our members a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful holiday season.

Richard Mulvey