So, Do You Want To Learn How To Run A Successful Webinar?

You can learn how from the comfort of your own home on 3 June.
If you want to use Webinars to present your content and build your speaking brand, then you’ve got to consider signing up on James Robertson’s How to Set Up and Present a Webinar.
James, a PSASA Professional Member of long standing has been delivering webinars for some time now.
James will share some of his experiences in developing webinar delivery as part of his repertoire of services and will take discussion to help PSASA members introduce Webinars into their portfolio of offerings.
The Webinar will be held on Monday 3 June at 19h00 and will run for one hour. Remember, you can attend the Webinar from your own home.
Please register for the PSASA ‘Webinar on Webinars’ — Web based Seminars — on Monday, June 3, 2013 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CAT at: