According to storytelling expert Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren, who is also president of the Gauteng PSASA Chapter and was speaker at last month’s meeting, Story tellingwe live in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times (VUCA).  Petro specialises in helping organisations to tell their stories and in so doing to become more connected and adaptive, which is essential when coping with a world that is changing right under our feet, and the PSASA is no exception.
Through some dynamic and fascinating group process work, Petro illustrated how when we connect with each other and adapt to circumstances, we become more flexible and adopt a common rhythm as a group.  There is a resonance that is created when we move out of our heads – from a state of flight, fright and resistance – to engagement with other people as human beings.  This is what the world needs. This is what the PSASA needs.
From the energy in the room and the looks on member’s faces, there was a definite feeling of togetherness, a new sense of cohesiveness, and movement in a common direction.  Petro has since received over ten offers from members to contribute to the running of the chapter!

A trick for moving from constipation to flow…… you might want to give it a try!
Here is a simple exercise you might want to try from Petro’s presentation that really got us thinking (and feeling, and smiling!).  So many of us respond to queries, questions and suggestions with a, “No, but…..”, and ‘but’ is a block that leads to constipation.  Just for a day, try saying, “Yes, and……”, which opens up a flow of positive constructive energy and makes us more adaptive.  The positive feeling in the room was palpable when we did this.  Why don’t you give it a try!