Morongwa Makakane

A people and business solutions expert, Morongwa is an outgoing, goal-oriented, results-driven organisational transformation consultant. As a speaker and trainer, she helps inspire people to do the extraordinary, achieve greatness and become phenomenal. She is also the author of  two recently published books: “When is Enough, Enough? Ten Things Any Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Start and Run a Successful Business”; and “Breakthrough to Your Destiny: You can achieve the success you want, when you want, in the way you want: It all starts with YOU!”

Morongwa’s Learning Lounge Presentation is:

Story telling techniques that will drive your message to the heart

How do we pitch our stories? How do we break stories to punctuate the messages we want to impart? Morongwa will be sharing the highlights of the ‘Tri-Summit Story Telling System’ which she leant from Andy Harrington Public Speakers University. In this learning exchange, you will discover how to structure your story, how to make sure that your audience are ‘in the story’ with you, how to captivate them throughout your talk and, most importantly, your audience will see that they can make meaningful and lasting change by the lessons they learn from your story.