Sid Peimer – Bio

Sid has been a pharmacist, copywriter, frozen chicken cutter (don’t ask), river guide and CEO. He has served as strategist for agencies Leo Burnett and Ogilvy on brands like Nestlé and SABMiller.

So what’s this about depression? He suffered from depression since 18, and in spite of this, has managed to turn around a 200-year-old organization that, with Sid at the helm, is still going strong. With an irreverent sense of humour and deep insight into how to perform in spite of depression, he makes the subject accessible and entertaining. He also has an MBA from UCT for good measure.

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In future, blue people will mean big bucks

Our greatest healthcare burden in 2030 will be mental health (mainly depression). Not AIDS, not HIV and not cardiovascular disease. Depression. The World Health Organisation says it’s already costing us $1 trillion a year. But there’s good news – extensive research shows that, for every $1 spent in treatment, there’s a $4 return in better health and ability to work. Where else can you get a fourfold ROI? By 2030, blue people will mean big bucks.