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Seth Naicker, is an innovative and exciting communicator who brings vibrancy in his presentations, talks and trainings. Seth will inspire people and facilitate a learning experience that results in reflective and introspective thinking. Seth Naicker is a reconciliation entrepreneur. He goes about making a difference through speaking writing, and learning. He makes impact amongst his family, faith, and beloved community. The work of reconciliation is made a reality, and beloved community is grounded and founded, through Seth’s creative, interventions, social change, and transformation initiatives.

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Thinking about #futurefocus:inspired by a deconstructed salad

It is important to think about the future but for many we are caught up thinking about day to day survival. In fact for most of the world’s population we give thanks for making it through from one day to the next.

However is it of vital importance for leaders who come from economic hardship to consider the future? Yes it is! And we must, no matter what economics status we come from, but for people who come from a lower class or lack of access background thinking future or future focus is critically important as we make steps to rewrite our stories, and pursue a more quality standard of living.

  1. Future focus is not only for the haves
  2. Consider the future where you are not dependent on the powers that be
  3. The call and compelling of future focus