Roger Knowles – Bio

Lawyer, Professional Speaker, Dispute Resolution practitioner.

A veteran of 35 years of conflict…as an attorney, roger has been involved in every kind of conflict. Roger has represented politicians, business people, criminals, divorcees, communities, schools, individuals, organisations of every type and appeared in courts at every level. As an advocate, he has fought battles – but is well known rather as a peacemaker and an advocate of collaboration.

Roger is a professional speaker and the 2014/ 2015 National President of The Professional Speaker Association of Southern Africa, as well as current KZN Chapter President.

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The ‘Real Deal’ Tomorrow

Negotiation techniques changed dramatically about 40 years ago. Why and how? Those changes preceded the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What effects will this major global shift have on negotiation in the future? What has changed already – possibly, without you even noticing? What three things will you have to focus on, more than ever before?

1. The Other – fully understand who you are dealing with and the range of their interests and influences and what they are likely to want;

2. Openness – be transparent; disclose all, you cannot hide in this technological age;

3. Authenticity in terms of their reality in the world – it could be the exact opposite of yours!