Mike Handcock – Bio

* Speaker, author and expert on the future of work, researching disruptive change and helping leaders and their teams understand and respond to tomorrow’s world today.
* I help people make the future place of work a remarkable place for all of us.

I believe there is a better way…. That the old models of the World of Work, the old approaches to Leadership, Team Work and Work / Life Balance are outdated and will not get the best out of people.

I believe that the world of work should be an exciting and inspiring place.

I believe that all of us should be future-fit and understand the forces shaping the world of the near future.

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Build a Global Business in your Passion

Mike Handcock and Landi Jac, are committed to turning entrepreneurs into conscious business leaders, maximising profit, aligned opportunities and lifestyle mastery, whilst doing so in a sustainable way that leaves a positive legacy for the world from that businesses existence.

We have worked in 49 countries with over 250,000 entrepreneurs and have regular feedback that we tripled results, considered more than just blind profit and helped the business owners grow closer relationships with stakeholders, family, community and especially themselves.