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Ian Hatton spent the first two decades of his career in the IT industry. Sixteen years ago, his fascination with people and leadership led him to reinvent himself as a facilitator, speaker and writer. He helps clients get the most from their people in a changing world, delivering face to face and virtual sessions to a global audience. Ian is a people connector, a thinking stimulator, and a mindset challenger. He is the creator of the Morpheus Genius – a set leadership training courses, a keynote, and the title of his upcoming book.

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Morpheus in the matrix: facilitation skills for an online world

Are you happy when people are multitasking while you speak? How would you know it is happening in an online session? How do you keep them engaged? Online facilitation requires some form of interaction every three to four minutes. How is that possible? In this interactive session Ian Hatton will explore the most important facilitation skills needed for speaking virtually: self-awareness, gamification, and almost constant multitouch interaction.