Graeme Codrington – Bio

* Speaker, author and expert on the future of work, researching disruptive change and helping leaders and their teams understand and respond to tomorrow’s world today.
* I help people make the future place of work a remarkable place for all of us.

I believe there is a better way…. That the old models of the World of Work, the old approaches to Leadership, Team Work and Work / Life Balance are outdated and will not get the best out of people.

I believe that the world of work should be an exciting and inspiring place.

I believe that all of us should be future-fit and understand the forces shaping the world of the near future.

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The Future of Speaking to Business Audiences

Graeme has extensive experience speaking and working with international corporates. He will be sharing 3 major insights including a discussion about lead times in booking, the value clients are wanting to take back to the office from your presentation, and a good, solid conversation about fees!
This is a presentation you do not want to miss.