Bruce Wade – Bio

Bruce is is a master story engineer. He has been instrumental in assisting in the growth of over 600 businesses, all through identifying and enabling their inner story to be written, told and understood.

Bruce Wade, often confused for the superhero with a similar name (rightly so) is a husband, father of two, a Speaker, Author, Innovation Coach and Facilitator. Bruce is the creator of The Sphere of Mankind, the Business Narrative Strategy and author of Exploit Yourself.

He is also the Chairman of the Innovation Initiative at the Cape Chamber of Commerce.

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The 6 Realities of Tomorrow

Understanding what reality we live in and where those with whom we need to communicate with are, is critical for relationship building, marketing and business development. This shocking look at our current state of social interaction through six lenses of reality develops an awareness of how poor we are at communication but gives us the tools to understand and reach out to those we need to talk to.