The APS – Academy for Professional Speakers
One of the Core Pillars of the PSASA is that we help each other develop and enhance our Speaking and Business skills.
To this end we have several programmes such as:-

  • Chapter Meetings
  • Special Event Meetings
  • The Annual Convention
  • Technical Workshops
  • Bootcamps
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Mentoring Programmes
  • Speakers Forums

We are in the process of developing a more formal training programme that will help our members , who are already professionals and business owners, hone their Speaking and Platform Skills as well as all aspects of their Business Skills so that we can collectively all prosper in the spirit of the PSASA.
NB –  It is to be noted that this is not training for aspiring speakers who want to start learning the craft – if that is what you need then please refer to the section titled First Steps in this web site.
We have been in contact with other affiliates of the GSF and in particular NSAA – National Speakers Association of Australia and they have agreed to provide us access to their Academy material so that we can test it here in the PSASA. This we are doing in our Cape Town Chapter at the moment.
Our Johannesburg Chapter is also running a formal Speakers Forum discussion / training group before each monthly meeting covering all aspects as mentioned above.
At the end of this PSASA Year in April we will evaluate the two programmes with the view to creating a customised PSASA programme for our members which we will then start presenting in the new PSASA year.