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Appendix 1- PSASA Application Form
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Appendix 14 – Candidate Membership Upgrade
CSP Application Forms (Taken from NSA website)
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A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is an individual who has verified, extensive experience as an income-earning professional speaker. The CSP designation is earned through a combination of professional association, professional education, professional performance and professional business management standards. The CSP application process is designed to verify that speakers have met these standards.
2012 CSP Application Form
CSP Candidate Information
The CSP Candidate program is an optional process for one who does not yet meet the full criteria for CSP. Applying through the CSP Candidate option allows applicants to begin the process of earning the CSP. Once an applicant has been approved as a CSP Candidate and if he/she applies for the CSP designation within the required time period, he/she may qualify using the requirements in place when approved as a Candidate or the requirements at the time of the final CSP application.
Of course, if you meet all the criteria for the CSP designation, you may submit the full application for CSP without becoming a Candidate.
2012 CSP Candidate Application Form
Additional CSP Forms