Taryn-Lee Kearney

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Taryn-Lee Kearney
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Infusing each interaction with vibrant energy and keen insight, Taryn-Lee Kearney stands as a powerhouse catalyst for change in the realm of human connection and personal growth. As the Founder and Director of Aha Training & Development, she masterfully merges her roles as a global speaker, seasoned facilitator, and sought-after consultant.

Fuelled by her unwavering mission to leave an imprint on the universe and invigorate the human spirit, Taryn-Lee kindles transformation, and resilience through her signature ‘Boomchakalaka’ presentations. This dynamic blend of infectious energy and passion spurs lasting change and inspires those who cross her path.

With a comprehensive background in human empowerment, Taryn-Lee is an authority in engaging audiences, facilitating meaningful growth, and providing consultative solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Her reputation for the ‘Boomchakalaka’ effect and her infectious enthusiasm make Taryn-Lee a force to be reckoned with in the realm of personal and professional development.

For Taryn-Lee, speaking is not simply a skill, it’s her superpower. Facilitating is not just a task, it’s an honour. And empowering others isn’t a job, it’s a calling. Step into the ‘Boomchakalaka’ experience and let Taryn-Lee Kearney lead you toward extraordinary growth and connection.
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Training and Development

The BOOM-Chakalaka effect: Harnessing Confidence and crushing self-sabotage “Unleash the power of the ‘Boomchakalaka Effect’ in this transformative keynote presentation. Rooted in the dynamic and vibrant energy of life, the ‘Boomchakalaka Effect’ represents a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It is about flipping the switch from being your own worst enemy to becoming your biggest advocate.In ‘The Boomchakalaka Effect: Harnessing Confidence and Crushing Self-Sabotage,’ we delve deep into the hidden realms of self-sabotage. We dissect how and why we so often become roadblocks in our paths, preventing ourselves from reaching our fullest potential.However, understanding self-sabotage is only half the battle. This keynote also shines a light on confidence, a powerful antidote to self-sabotage. But what is confidence truly? How do we harness it, and more importantly, how do we sustain it in the face of adversity?Through a blend of cutting-edge research, practical strategies, and engaging storytelling, this keynote will offer answers to these questions. It will provide you with the tools to dismantle self-sabotaging behaviours, cultivate robust confidence, and create a personal and professional life that resonates with your deepest ambitions.Prepare to ignite your inner spark, challenge your boundaries, and embrace the ‘Boomchakalaka Effect.’ Get ready to transform your life, one confident step at a time.”

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