This is a business breakfast for leaders and professionals who want to live more successfully on more levels, more of the time.  It’s about being human in a demanding world.

The Life is Tough, but I am Tougher breakfast event is for anyone wanting to harness the power of real life wherever you find yourself on your journey.  Without a doubt, whether you are a business leader, professional, an entrepreneur, or a parent, life rarely unfolds in a straight line.  It has an uncanny knack of throwing curved balls from time-to-time that can either paralyse or energise us.  How we deal with these sometimes life-changing moments or events determines the quality and nature of our journey moving forward.

Take a few hours out of just one day to be inspired and challenged by Dr Dorianne Weil, fondly known as Dr D, to shift your perspective on tough moments so that you can draw learning, strength and inspiration from them.  Come and discover yourself in this presentation through the thoughts, concepts and  real stories that Dori will weave into her talk as well as the resilience lessons that will be shared by other well-known speakers in the room who will be hosting hot tables after the keynote presentation.
Connecting with others and being open to learning and self-discovery are some of the many keys to leading a successful and fulfilled life despite the bumps and curves in the road.  The Life is Tough, but I’m Tougher breakfast might give you just the thought, idea or perspective that you need to take yourself to another level, and you’ll be helping us raise much needed funds for our charity Matla a Bana (a voice against child abuse) at the same time.
Dorianne Cara Weil is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist with over 30 years in hospital, private and corporate practice.
“Dr. D” is a household name in South Africa.  A recognised voice for many years, she is renowned as SA’s leading media psychologist. As the resident psychologist on Talk Radio 702/Cape Talk, for 26 years followed by Classic FM and Chai FM her radio shows deal with any and every life challenging and self development topic.  Interviews include: the Dalai Lama, Lance Armstrong, Deepak Chopra, Thabo Mbeki, Martha Beck amongst many others.
Known as a dynamic, knowledgeable and life changing speaker, she has addressed audiences and facilitated groups in 51 countries, including India, Russia, most European countries and the USA.

“I don’t know if you are aware of the hope and inspiration you offer and the difference you make to so many lives.  Dori thank you for the great contribution you make to building our Nation.” 
President Nelson Mandela.

Hot Table Hosts
In this session you can choose to spend 20 minutes each with three speakers of your choice. In addition to Dr D, the following expert speakers will be hosting hot tables:

DR GRAEME CODRINGTON, Futurist and expert on the new world of work, international speaker and best-selling author.  His hot table topic is Navigating Your Career: how to set yourself up for lasting career success in turbulent times.  Graeme  knows what it takes to survive tough times and build a career that continues to thrive in the turbulent world we live in.  He was involved in an IT start up that was sold before the 2001 crash.  He moved his family to London to build the European office of his current company, TomorrowToday, arriving just weeks before the crash of September 2008.  He’s now based back in Johannesburg, and his company is growing from strength to strength.  Through ups and downs, he has continued to build a reputation as a world class speaker and board advisor.  His latest book, “Navigating Your Career” (Penguin, 2012), shares some of the secrets he has discovered through personal experience and through working with many of the world’s top business leaders – secrets that help them build lasting, and fulfilling careers, even in turbulent times.

NIKKI BUSH, Creative Parenting Expert, inspirational speaker and best-selling author.  Being a mother, building a business and a credible brand simultaneously, is no mean feat.  “I believe we can have it all but not all at the same time and there are critical questions we need to ask ourselves along the way to ensure that we don’t just survive, but thrive, in the many demanding and exciting roles we play in life.  No matter what life throws at us, we always have a choice.” Nikki’s hot table topic, Which Hat are You Wearing Now? will focus on those questions and choices.

SIPHIWE MOYO, is a Motivational Speaker, Learning Specialist and an MC. “Growing up in an informal settlement of Orange Farm in the South of Johannesburg, I was really not supposed to be doing the things I’m doing today. Life was really tough, it seemed there was no way out of poverty but I survived and I’m thriving because I’m tougher.  My hot table topic is Bulls & Bears: life lessons from the financial markets. Nothing can teach you about resilience better than the markets, I tell you.”
CELYNN ERASMUS is a lifestyle wellness speaker and qualified dietician & JONI PEDDIE is a director of BizComm and associate founder of Enneagram Institute of SA. Together, they have pioneered the Energy 4 Resilience programme which will be their hot table topic.  Do you need to bounce back or do you simply need to continue to perform at the highest level?  Joni and Celynn are walking, talking examples of how you can feel FABulous.  They will share with you their three step FAB system to help you toughen up to handle whatever life throws at you.  Step 1: FUEL for sustained energy. Step 2: ACTIVATE your brain & body for vitality. Step 3: BEHAVIOUR tips to reduce personal stress & maximise interpersonal interactions.

MIKE HANDCOCK, quantum business expert and transformational leadership guru, is the founder of the global Rock Your Life Foundation and is visiting SA from New Zealand.  “I was orphaned at 15, yet have built a business in over 20 countries and have an extraordinary life.  You can too!”  Mike is an award-winning speaker, has written 11 books, is a musician with nine music albums to his name, has been in senior management, has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives Awards, is involved in television and movie-making and has been mentioned by former US President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work.  Mike is a seeker of ancient wisdom who can be found climbing through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past diligently.