Our Gauteng Chapter meeting for March promises to be brilliant. Our speakers will be Jeremy Nicholas & Dr James Robertson

 Jeremy Nicholas

About Jeremy

Jeremy Nicholas is a writer and broadcaster from London who’s a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

His talk for the Gauteng PSASA chapter is Twenty Ways To Make Your Talk Entertaining. The BBC philosophy is to ‘inform, educate and entertain’ and Jem is on a mission to make sure professional speakers don’t neglect the ‘entertain’ bit.
He’s a regular visitor to SA and the last time Jem spoke at a PSASA event was the 2010 convention at Emperor’s Palace, where he caused a stir by splitting the seat of his trousers onstage. As his talk was about using humour, the audience thought it was part of the act. It wasn’t.
He’s a familiar face on BBC TV in the UK and a familiar voice across the world as he features on the best- selling video game FIFA 13 and its predecessors back to FIFA 06. For his sins, he’s also the stadium announcer at a top London Premier League football team. (Well actually it’s West Ham!)
He commentated on the London 2012 Paralympic Games for global television. If you watched Oscar Pistorius  in the athletics, it was Jeremy’s voice you heard every night on SuperSport TV and Al Jazeera.

Dr James Robertson

About James

James Robertson is a Professional Engineer who has devoted the last 22 years of his life to developing an understanding of how to bring engineering rigour to the IT and ERP industries
In the process he has spoken at many conferences and written many articles, columns, etc. and has developed a number of focussed specialist services 
James will be speaking on Doing Technical Presentations.