Lorne Sulcas’s speech is entitled:

  Thriving in a Wild World: Success Lessons from Africa’s Big Cats.

Drawing from his experiences in the wild, and using his own photographs, Lorne will share lessons from the big three cats – cheetah, leopard and lion, and what they can teach us about survival in a wild, fiercely competitive and constantly changing world.


Lorne Sulcas has inspired employees and executives of US giants such as NASA, Sony Music and AT&T, and Woolworths, ABSA, Cape Union Mart, Bosch Siemens and Associated Media in South Africa.


Everyone thought he was crazy: After years in the corporate jungle as a respected leadership trainer, he sold everything, walked away and moved to the bush to follow his passion.Lorne Sulcas


For more than two decades now since his years as a game ranger-guide in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, he has been observing, studying and photographing Africa’s great wildlife. His wildlife photography has won competitions and been published all over the world; and since 1996 his Bushveld Lessons presentations have been inspiring top local and international organisations, teams, entrepreneurs and athletes on performance.