A group of nine of us from the KZN PSASA chapter managed to get to the ‘How To’ 2013 PSASA Convention in Johannesburg this last weekend and it was a fantastic experience!
The speakers were excellent, ranging from Clem Sunter with his brilliant ‘mind of a fox’ scenario approach that painted an interesting and challenging picture of our future via the hilarious antics of a high-octane Michael Kerr showing us how to incorporate more humour in our presentations to a wonderfully informative Rebecca Morgan demonstrating (while dressed in her dressing gown) how to make money while in your jammies!
It was called the ‘How To’ Convention and that is exactly what it was – really valuable information on developing your speaker business, while inspiring us all to greater heights at the same time; solid usable information with inspiring get-off-your-ass motivation – excellent!
I am hoping that this copy above is making you feel you wish you been there – ie the guilt treatment!  It’s not too late.  This Thursday, our session is a Convention Report-back with our own speakers filing you in on what went on when you weren’t looking!
Find out from our own top speakers:
What the world of opportunity in Africa is looking like
How to use humour in your presentation
What it means to be a ‘giver’ not a ‘taker’
How to create yourself as an ‘iconic’ speaker instead of another generic one
What ‘Performance Chemistry’ is all about
… and lots more!
You might have missed the convention; don’t make it worse by missing this outstanding Report-back with a difference’!  see you Thursday night.
Warm regards, CHRIS
President, PSASA KZN Chapter
078 7656623