Let’s get selling by Njideka Chika Orji

It was such a privilege for me to attend the May meeting of the PSASA Johannesburg chapter, and to be invited to step up as the Master of Ceremonies.

We had two excellent speakers: Eksteen De Waal and Shelly Walters. The theme of their presentations was in accordance with the 10 speaker competencies accepted by the Global Speaker community: CLOSURE AND SELLING.

Eksteen spoke on Practical tips for selling now and in the future. He took us through content creation, sales, personal development and admin work that has to be done in the course of selling. He highlighted the differences between Marketing and sales, Target Market and Target audience. Amongst other tips, he shared how we can use the Hostage Negotiation strategy to win sales.

My major takeaways are:

  1. It is not enough to market. We must actively go out and look for those who have the problems that we have solutions for.
  2. Target audience and target market are not the same and it is very important to know who falls under which category.
  3. It is important to know the right questions to ask so as to get to No quickly.

While Eksteen set the stage for how to target and sell, Shelley gave us tips on how to close deals. Shelley believes that it is not enough for clients to just love you and your pitch, they have to be made to feel something that will make them think differently. She emphasized that you need to shape the buying criteria of your client.

My major takeaways are:

  1. Sometimes what we need is not a lot of information, but rather spending more time on specific information (she referred to the Iceberg model).
  2. People who close deals always own the next step and never leave anything to fate.

The evening ended off with a Member appreciation award for the month which went to Gary Tintinger. He had gone through to the finals of Toastmasters district 74. Three more talks and he could win world champion. At the time of this writing, he has won the District 74 championship, huge congratulations Gary.

The overachiever award went to me, Njideka Chika Orji. What an evening! What an event!

We hope to see you at the next one: Thursday 23 June in person.