Douglas Kruger and Conrad Koch

Speakers as agents of positive change

The PSASA JHB Chapter meeting held on 21 May 2020 was informative, entertaining & inspiring. We had 98 participants including guests.

The 1st speaker was Conrad Koch and Chester Missing

Conrad Koch, is a ventriloquist, political analyst & entertainer who speaks through the medium of his puppet Chester Missing. Through the clever use of slides he entertained us in an evocative analysis of the South African landscape. He emphasized that the true power of addressing inequality lies in what we say & do. He concluded that TRUST was imperative in rebuilding the nation together.

The 2nd speaker -Douglas Kruger -Hall of Fame Speaker and CSP

What is your avatar? What lights you up?

Douglas Kruger  is one of South Africa’s most successful speakers. He is also the author of ten books, including his latest “Virus Proof your Small Business.” Douglas lived up to his message of how to be an iconic speaker! He spoke with great eloquence, insight & humility. He challenged us, as speakers, to transform from knowledge experts into iconic “category of one” speakers – to be unique in our fields and in our signature personalities. He highlighted trust, humour, the power of imagery, and the power of our brands as AGENTS OF CHANGE.

The key questions for us as speakers were:

  1. What is your avatar? What lights you up?
  2. What is your cause? Are you a vendor of a product OR a champion of lifestyle, identity, or meaning?
  3. What is your zag? What makes you unique?
  4. What is your splash? What gets you noticed?
  5. What is your framework? Your simple, summarized content?
  6. What is your next big move forward? Start now!
  7. What is your capacity for the industry? Often decades of work lie behind your cause/purpose/meaning.
  8. What is your investment in your ART?

Douglas embodied all of the above in both his delivery & his content, speaking as a form of ART. He concluded by encouraging us how to summit our mountain as speakers. We were deeply honored to have someone of Douglas’s stature & experience address us. Even more so at a time when we, as a nation, have to summit our own mountain.

Conrad Koch