How to make real money in speaking and training

The latest, monthly meeting of the Johannesburg chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) served up two insightful, thought-provoking presentations. Following a table discussion, during which attendees shared the most useful apps they use in their lives (including Namola, Google Maps, and Whizzky), the first keynote speaker, Andrew Horton took the stage. Andrew is an international inspirational sales speaker, entrepreneur, and positive behavioural shift expert (specialising in productivity and sales team optimisation). His presentation, entitled ‘How to make real money in speaking and training’ hinged on one crucial point; that speaking as a profession isn’t that lucrative, and that the real money is in training. He recommended that people start by picking a niche that they are most familiar with and have the most knowledge in, before positioning themselves as an expert; the go to person in that field. They should then generate a catalogue of products, which eventually are able to sell themselves online. Giving products away, initially, isn’t something which should be frowned upon, as it helps the person build their profile (position as the expert) and, if done correctly, will leave clients wanting more. The second keynote speaker of the evening was Dr. Stanley Arumugam, International HR Director of ActionAid (one of the top 10 development NGOs in the world). Stanley spoke on the topic of mental health, specifically burnout. The key takeaway from his presentation was that mental health affects every person differently, and that individuals should be aware of the status of their mental health. He also commented that employers should be more mindful of the mental health of their employees, and that it is a legitimate medical condition which shouldn’t be dismissed. The evening ended with information being given about PSASA’s Midterm Convention. More information about this much-anticipated event can be found here. For more information about the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa or the Johannesburg chapter contact j[email protected].P