We were deeply honoured to have the incredible Candice Mama as our guest speaker at the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter Meeting on February 18th, together with the Speaker Factor Competition.

Nikki Bush, our Chapter President, introduced the evening as the month of love & what it symbolizes for us as speakers & then handed over to our wonderful Yoke Van Dam who was Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Well, what a Mistress of Ceremonies she was – warm, delightful & engaging and implementing many of the strategies we recently learned from an International Guest Speaker on Interactive Facilitation – the remarkable Leanne Hughes.

After feedback from members on how valuable they had found Leanne’s presentation, Yoke handed over to Gary Tintinger who was the Convener of the Speaker Factor for the night.

Gary was the winner of last year’s Speaker Factor Competition & will be the opening speaker at our National Convention in April with the Theme of NEXT. Gary did an exceptional job of preparing the speakers & organizing the judging process.

The speakers who participated were Alison Weihe, Michael Bratt, Lois Wagner, Ruramai Sithole & Nikki Quinn.

Their themes & takeaways were:

  • The Power of Paradoxical Thinking & how we are all Ambassadors of Love.
  • The need to embrace modern technology in how we relate as speakers.
  • How to get ahead in your career with awareness & mastery.
  • The power of forgiveness in how we live our lives
  • The power of courage in writing that love letter & what it represents – the love letter to ourselves.

After all the Speakers had presented, the judges announced the final winners to be Ruramai Sithole & Alison Weihe, with Michael Bratt as the runner-up.

After a short break, Michele Thwaits introduced the legendary Candice Mama, citing her numerous, remarkable international awards, a CV of astonishing substance.

Candice was mesmerizing & riveting. She told her story of Forgiveness Redefined with such passion & poise. She unfolded how she and her family had met with her father’s Apartheid Assassin, Eugene De Kock in prison & how she has liberated both herself and her father’s killer in her forgiveness & her request for his parole. There was not a person in the Zoom Room who was not hanging onto every single word she spoke. Her final lessons in Forgiveness were so meaningful to each of us listening.

Alison Weihe thanked Candice for her remarkable contribution to the PSASA. She said she was not surprised that Candice’s podcasts were followed on six continents as she represented on a global level what True Grace stood for.

After thanking Yoke for being a great MC, Nikki Bush closed the evening with a beautiful quote from Liz Gilbert’s book “Big Magic,” which highlighted that the antidote to FEAR is CURIOSITY, as we all become explorers of a more CURIOUS & splendid life.

Written by Yoke van Dam and Alison Weihe


Candice Mama
Candice Mama
Candice Mama


Alison Weihe
Alison Weihe top 2 for Speaker Factor
Yoke van Dam Master of Ceremony
Yoke van Dam, Master of Ceremony at PSASA Jhb Chapter


Ruramai Sithole: top 2 for Speaker Factor Jhb Chapter









Michael Bratt top 3 for Speaker Factor Jhb Chapter