Insider Secrets

Presented by Speakers Agent, Bronwyn Roberts

Ok, so you quite enjoy speaking in public and several people have come up to you after one of your talks to your church groups / ladies group / school valedictory service/ toastmasters competition and told you that you should really consider doing this for a living … now what?
Or, you’re a “Captain of Industry” who is frequently asked to speak to conference groups about your business success, but you’re tired of giving up so much of your time and energy for free (or yet another complimentary conference bag or tie!) … but just how lucrative is this market anyway, and exactly how does one tap into it professionally?
Or, you’ve been on the speaking circuit for a while already, but have just had no luck with the agents. They don’t take your calls, they don’t return your calls, they don’t respond to your e-mails: you feel as if you’re knocking yourself out against a brick wall. How does one get through the mist and the fog and actually get an agent to represent you?
Or, you’re a well known TV or sporting celebrity / presenter / commentator and the bookings have been coming in fairly steadily, but you’re vaguely aware that there’s more you could be doing to market yourself on the corporate circuit and thus more gigs you could be hosting or speaking at … How do you turn your celebrity into hard cash more often?
Or possibly, you’re a well-established professional speaker with some serious questions about how agents behave and the way they do business, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to ask any of them and expect a straight answer …
For the sixth year in a row, Bronwyn Roberts and Speakers Inc presents “Insider Secrets to the Professional Speaking Circuit”.
During the three hour session, Bronwyn answers any questions you may have about the South African professional speaking industry, with the truth (good, bad OR ugly) and gives solid, practical, hard-earned and well-researched advice from her almost fifteen years as an agent.
In this workshop the following areas (amongst others) are covered:

  • What does an agent look for in a speaker?
  • How do get their attention amidst the 40 similar phone calls and e-mails that week?
  • How to really annoy an agent in the first minute!
  • What to expect from an agent in terms of marketing you.
  • Which presentations sell and which don’t
  • How a reputable agency SHOULD represent you.
  • The Five Secrets to keep your agent very happy with you (and thus KEEP them booking you).
  • How to maximize your working relationship with your agent to your greatest benefit (so that they book you MORE OFTEN).
  • How to convert your particular field of expertise into a lucrative, saleable presentation.


  • The Five Harsh Truths all speakers (whether new or not) NEED to hear!!