In Memory of Dr Alex Granger

I am so sad to hear about this.

This is indeed a great loss.

Dr Alex was such an inspiring and motivating individual – he certainly made an impact on my life.

– Fathima Dildar

I don’t think it is possible to know Alex without loving him – his wit, charm, charisma, and care shone through so bright. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, and massive fan club. Whenever I am witness to a beautiful scene, I will use Alex’s words, “Uploading Stressful Views” and think of him. I hope to one day see the majestic Victoria Falls which he so dearly loved. Sending love, strength, and wisdom to all as we make sense of a world without this incredible being.

– Nicky Abdinor
Speaker & Friend

Dear family of Alex Granger,

I am so saddened by the huge loss of such a gentleman, and a child of God.

I know that He is having a ball in heaven right now, while we are crying our eyes out.

May you know that Alex filled all our hearts with his love, and he will be deeply missed.

This is a little piece I wrote on Facebook on my short period in which I had the chance to work with Alex.

It’s not often that you get the chance to work with someone and you just gel.

I knew Alex Granger from a distance as a speaker that once mentored my good friend Sarah Bauling.

Having seen his keynotes virtually only in KZN but had the Privilege of arranging the speakers for the PSASA Jhb chapter.

When Alex joined the committee, he gave me a call to know what is expected and how can he be ready for the meeting the next week.

With him, Nikki Bush and I, our brainstorming was out of this world, and we managed to secure amazing speakers the last few months.

Alex, the small while I got to work with you was so special and we are so saddened by your passing. But as Raymond de Villiers said so well, while we cry on earth there have been huge celebrations as Alex really did #comehome and is rocking it in the band and choir.

Big condolences and love to everyone that loved Alex and especially to his wife, kids, and family. #psasa #comehome

– Yoke van Dam

This is really terrible news about Alex.

I am so sorry to hear.

– Marcus van Wyk

To all the Granger family and all who loved Alex,

This message comes with love and wishes for comfort in your time of loss and in your grief. I can’t imagine how you must feel as you try to accept this vibrant man’s passing. I wasn’t lucky enough to know Alex well. I was lucky enough to have met him and heard him speak. I can honestly remember the words of each speech I heard him give. He stood above the crowd and spoke in a way that his voice carried right to the hearts of his listeners. His wisdom shone from his eyes and was integral to all he said and that is what I will miss. It is a rare person whose words stay with you and influence your thinking for years to come. And that is what Alex was in this world.

I was privileged to have known him a little.

You are all in my thoughts and will be for years to come as you try to find the way to continue forward without Alex’s personal presence. I am certain his essence is all around and will remain.

May you be blessed and comforted.

Much love,

– Sue Fuller-Good

When a great man passes over, rather than passes away, when tributes pour in like the waves on a shoreline – person after person saying how his wisdom and faith and energy and charisma touched them – then you know you are in the presence of greatness.

Dr Alex Granger to say you are a legend sounds trite but it’s not. Because it is legendary men that leave a legacy well beyond their time on this earth. It is legendary men that leave us with the wisdom of how they lived their lives. In such fullness of being, in such fullness of love.

In the short time that I got to know Alex through the PSASA I grew to love him more and more with every encounter. He was mesmerising, funny and so real. That naughty smile below the effervescent laughter and the beautiful songs that rose from within his soul to bless us as we mourn his passing and the excruciating pain of his family as they walk this devastating road.

Alex had recently completed his gospel album Speak to My Heart. Alex spoke to everyone’s heart. Every person he met on this journey of life was uplifted and inspired by the man he was.

A man of God and a man of such joy – he lit up every room, whether in real life, like at our recent convention or on every zoom meeting. One of the most charismatic men I have ever met.

And the lesson he leaves me with – is to live my life in joy and abundance because that is what he wanted for all of us.

I can’t imagine the pain of his family, the loss of such a beautiful husband and father.

I just want you to know how many lives your father touched, mine included. His story of the Second Arrow is part of my book. He touched everybody in some way.

He spoke to our hearts. All of us.

May the orchestras in heaven hear his beautiful voice.

With much love,

– Ali

Dear Members of our Global Speaking Family

I am sorry to hear from Alan Steven’s about the very sad news of the death of Alex from the Covid Virus.

I did not know Alex, but I had heard of him, and I felt I had to write to ask you to pass on my condolences to Alex’s family and friends.

Please let me know if a collection is being made for Alex’s family or in his memory – if so please let me have the details so I can contribute.

– Mike Ogilvie

Shocked to hear of Alex’s passing. Condolences to his family and to all in the PSASA especially those who were close to him. He was a bright light in the community and in South Africa. Rest in Peace

With love and respect,

– Steve Barnett

Sincere condolences for passing of Alex Granger. He touched many, and may he rest in peace

– Jeffers Miruka

I am deeply saddened to hear of Dr Alex passing on. This happened when I had just left South Africa on a regional speaking mission.

I am a huge beneficiary of Dr Alex’s kindness. While setting up my speaking and training business in Johannesburg I was introduced to Dr Alex by Siphiwe Moyo after my speech at PSASA event. What followed was a great journey that saw Dr Alex and Twice Blue sending me to represent them and train their clients. Dr Alex literally fed me and my family this way.

Further, in March 2020, he came to my office and spent the day coaching me and my team for free.

It does not end there; Dr Alex became a donor to my non profit work that helps vulnerable girls to access sanitary pads around Joburg townships. What a man, what a legacy. Always a phone call away.

My team and I will miss him dearly. May his soul RIP.

– Rabison Shumba
Author, Speaker, Facilitator