Impactful first impressions by Donna Rachelson

//Impactful first impressions by Donna Rachelson

Impactful first impressions by Donna Rachelson

It’s widely accepted that first impressions are vital. In fact, you brand yourself within the first seven seconds of meeting someone.
After that, it is very difficult to change someone’s impression of you.
Research suggests that if you make a positive first impression, you need to mess up four times before someone changes his or her mind about you. If, however, you make a poor impression, you need seven further positive encounters to undo the negative first encounter. That’s why it’s important to focus on making a good first impression.
But this doesn’t mean you need to stop making an effort after the first meeting. You need to ensure you keep building the other person’s perceptions of you in the most positive way possible.
If you believe you have made a good first impression, what’s the next step?
What am I doing consistently to reinforce and embed how I want to be perceived?
Remember that consistency is critical to building a strong personal brand. The question you should ask yourself is, “What am I doing consistently to reinforce and embed how I want to be perceived?”
Think very carefully after meeting someone for the first time how you can make the second, third and fourth impression really count. Think also about how you follow up — the extent to which it reinforces what your personal brand stands for and how you want to be perceived.
What is it that you want people to be thinking about you after they have interacted with your personal brand? Perhaps you want to be known as innovative, proactive, solution-oriented or strategic. What can you do to demonstrate those qualities at the next meeting, and during your follow-up activities?
If you have a good understanding of how you would like your personal brand perceived, you need to then look at creative and consistent ways of executing it.
Be like no other creature! Stand out and make every impression count.
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