“The comfort zone is the great enemy of courage and confidence.” Brian Tracy. This quote seems quite apt when I sat to listen to PSASA virtual meeting on 8 September. Getting honoured with note taking and being new, I hope I understood the protocol. I trust you enjoyed the meeting as much as I did.

Nick Denoon-Stevens had an opportunity for a quick elevator pitch and mentioned making complex, simple. With about 21 people online for PSASA virtual chapter, keeping this simple was my number one priority.

A quick networking session and leadership team interview with Usha Maharaj, revealed firstly interesting people on the call, but also 3 important take aways for professional speakers – clients don’t find you, work hard and be a marketing and selling machine.

It was time to hand the baton to Sarah Fox to share information that would leave us all flabbergasted at how simple legal contracts should be. The understanding of creating a simple contract that will ultimately protect your business was a major AhHaa moment. We all think law is legal jargon, spending hours struggling with words and phrases – but really protecting ourselves and our speaking IP is so important. Every speaker has been victim to IP theft. Audiences copy slides, phrases, programmes without understanding who the IP belongs to, or even caring.

Sarah gave us examples and understanding of the online world which is the new norm with a 2-page contract suggestion, remembering to include scope, trust, clarify aims, and manage risk. In this new world a different contract for speaking and broadcast release must be identified, and a KISS contract is vital for the success of any professional speaker.

Ian and Bruce ended the meeting with updates on Midterm Convention and Sept Competition reminding all to keep growing as speakers in the new norm.