History of the Breakwater Lodge

//History of the Breakwater Lodge

History of the Breakwater Lodge

A comfortable and unusual hotel and a leading business school is the latest evolution of a building originally designed in 1859 to house the prisoners brought to Cape Town to build the harbour and sea front area now known as the Victoria & Albert Waterfront.

Breakwater lodge - current

The Colonial secretary of the Cape of Good Hope at the time, John Montague, was responsible for building the original prison. Then in 1902, the white prisoners were moved into a new Industrial Breakwater Prison, designed with four castellated turrets and an enclosed courtyard designed after prisons in England. The convicts had been segregated because the immigrant European prisoners were instigating trouble with local prisoners.

Breakwater Lodge - Old

The treadmill, a terrible punishment tool, can still be seen at the Breakwater Lodge.

Breakwater lodge photo

After ten years, the prison became a juvenile offenders institution and then a hostel for black dock workers.

Since 1991 it has been the University of Cape Town business school and a Protea chain hotel.

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