PSASA is a proud member of the Global Speakers Federation and stands by this statement recognising the need to consider our language, policies and communication with respect to diversity and to challenge bias.

June 25, 2020

As the Presidential Leadership Team of the Global Speakers Federation, we add our voices as professional speakers to respect diversity and to condemn discrimination of any form. As such, we also condemn violence of any form associated with said discrimination.

The Global Speakers Federation and its member associations are inclusive societies of
professional speakers. We recognize that words with no actions do not make for sustainable
improvements and that we must take concrete steps to affect future behaviors. Thus, the
Global Speakers Federation will actively examine and update our communications, policies, and procedures to prevent any intentional or unintentional bias.

Initially, we will be re-evaluating all our communications with the member associations,
reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding for future Global Speakers Summits regarding the selection of speakers, and the election process for future Vice Presidents.

We will continue to listen, strive to understand, learn, empathize, and then act.

We look forward to working with our member associations. We are open to feedback and
suggestions to improve our actions as we promote and support equity and inclusion in our lives and the speaking community.

GSF Diversity statement-2020