Get Personal by Donna Rachelson

//Get Personal by Donna Rachelson

Get Personal by Donna Rachelson

If you want your brand to stand out, cut out the text messages where it relates to relationship building
Because I’m passionate about personal branding, I tend to see regular opportunities for personal brand-building and marketing in my daily life. The occasion of my birthday in early January was no exception.
While I was overwhelmed by the number of SMSes and Facebook messages I received, two things really fascinated me:
Firstly, some people whom I know really well, chose to SMS or Whatsapp me to wish me happy birthday instead of calling to speak to me.
And secondly, many of the messages on Facebook were the same – just “Happy Birthday”. That was it, nothing more.
The key insight for me was that those who did something different really stood out. I believe that standing out in a positive way is always an opportunity to build your personal brand, and you should grab such chances with both hands.
The best part of my birthday was receiving phone calls and meeting up with people who insisted on seeing me on my special day.
“Standing out in a positive way is always an opportunity to build your personal brand, and you should grab such chances with both hands.”
The lesson here is simple: if you want your brand to stand out, then cut out the text messages when the communication relates to relationship building.
There is no better way to build a relationship than face to face or with a personal phone call. It demonstrates that because the person is truly important to you, you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to make time for them.
Marketing is a contact sport and while making contact is key, making contact in a way that you will be remembered is even more important.
Obviously you can’t meet with every person celebrating a milestone or spend every day making personal phone calls – you’d never get any work done! Make sure you meet or phone key people in your life, but for the rest, if you are sending a message or making contact (whatever the reason), increase the level of impact.
The few birthday messages that stood out for me were the ones that moved beyond ‘Happy Birthday’. They acknowledged a personal trait of mine that the other person really appreciated and mentioned how it impacted them.
The lesson: get personal! If you are networking or building relationships, you need to connect deeper and with more impact.
Lastly, be seen across a number of channels. One of my clients phoned me, sent me an SMS and posted on Facebook. All the messages had a similar theme but were stated differently, which made a huge impact on me. To increase your brand visibility (personal or business), ensure you ‘show up’ on a number of platforms.
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