Monday evening we had an amazing evening and chapter meeting! We learned more about Pat Anderson and Larry O’Sullivan. Pat is a presentation skills and public speaking coach, and Larry specializes in the customer service experience. In the last month, Nikki celebrated her son’s 21st birthday, and Stef stepped in a bucket of paint just before the meeting.

The Pretoria chapter also had their first meeting and are off to a strong start! Well done to Chris for leading the way! The Pretoria chapter will be meeting on the first Thursday of every month. Please reach out to Chris if you want to attend a meeting:

Joni and Celynn are also doing a webinar series which we as speakers will find very informative. Join them for one of 3 power half hour webinars focusing on how to reduce sugar, starch and stress sustainably! NO charge. All you need is wifi and to invest 30 minutes of your time and focus. And they have been full of praise about the platform that Francois Muscat is helping them with!

The highlight of the evening was the presentation by Shelley Walters. She presented “How to sell what you sell”, and shared some poignant tips and strategies with us. Here’s some of the tips that I learned:
· Selling has changed. It is now about relevance and results.

· If you are relying on relationships for sales, your client has the power. Don’t give away your power. The relationship must come as a consequence of your relevance and the respect that the client have for you.

· Change the way you do proposals. Stand out from the rest by putting the most important information on the first page.

· The front page of your proposal and your email subject line is prime real estate! Don’t waste it. Lead with that.

· Draw pictures.

· Above all, become the Sherpa – the obvious choice. Be memorable.

New Members
A warm welcome to Ian Bratt!