The Gauteng chapter’s first meeting of 2017 kicked off with an exciting speaker all the way from Dublin: Sameer Rawjee.  Sameer is the CEO of the Life Design School at Google, helping the people inside Google to answer the question “What job am I made for”.  

Sameer shared some interesting stories of the experiences he has had across Google.  He challenged the concept of retirement (as we know it – you retire when you are 65 years old), and showed how, with thoughtful design, you can “retire” for a period of time, reskill and do something completely different.  The way the world is working is changing, and the way that we work in this world has to change as well.

We also had table discussions reflecting on 2016: what went well, and what didn’t go so well, and what could we learn from it.   It was a great evening, and it set the scene for 2017!