Bulls & Bears: Speaking lessons from the financial markets

In his flagship keynote, which is also a title of his book, Siphiwe speaks about life lessons that could be derived from the financial markets. Some of them include:
1.      All trends eventually end.
2.      In the financial markets, just like in the speaking buisness, nobody cares how great you were once upon a time.
3.      Overconfidence is as bad as lack of confidence. 
In the financial markets, when people become overconfident, they stop doing the things that they used to do. They used to do a fundamental analysis to understand the value of a share and now all they do is speculate and base their investments on emotions. Is this true for Speakers?
4.      Investing in yourself, just like investing in the stock market, is cheaper than you think. The cost of self-development.
5.      Exceptionally high earnings growth rates are unsustainable for long periods. 
Is there anything called growing too quickly as a Speaker?
6.      Bull Markets last longer than Bear Markets – Be Bullish. 
In the book we trace certain scientific studies that prove that the good times (bull markets) last longer than the bad times (bear markets). How’s is this relevant to you as speaker?
7.      People judge you harshly when you’re untested, it’s not personal: focus on the work and they’ll come around.
And more…………..
Siphiwe Breakfast
Siphiwe Moyo

This fellow has a rare combination of skills in the public speaking world:
He understands numbers
He is a Certified International Retail Banker awarded by the International Academy of Retail Banking, holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) qualification and is a former Banker.
He really understands people
Siphiwe has been studying human beings for well over a decade. He is the current National Chairman of the South African Board for People Practices, a national professional body for Human Resources Practitioners in South Africa. He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources (cum laude) and a B Comm. (Honours) in Human Resources Development.
Siphiwe’s fascination with the financial markets and the fact that he was a Senior Manager in a financial institution before being a full-time professional speaker means that the CEO and the Senior Management team relates with his speeches. On the other hand (like Economists always say), he grew up in an informal settlement in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg and therefore he relates easily with junior people in an organisation.
Some of the organizations where Siphiwe has presented include NISSAN SA, ABSA, Nedbank, Murray & Roberts, TOTAL SA, MAN, Vaal University of Technology, UNISA, SABOA, The Medical Research Council, Business Connexion, UKZN, Discovery Life, Denel, University of Stellenbosch & many more.
Meeting Details:
Please note that our AGM will be taking place during the first session and that Siphiwe’s presentation will be
during the second session.

Please join us for our AGM as we are electing a new chapter board for the coming year and we would really appreciate your input into your PSASA chapter.
Date: 13 March 2013
Time: 18h30 – 21h30
Venue: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown
Cost: Free to paid-up members, R200 for guests
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