Find Intuitive Solutions to Boom your Speaking Business – The Art of Creative Reflection

Understand and experience how creative processes that work with your whole brain and your body can help you discover unique solutions for your particular speaking business. Counselling Psychologist Eleen Polson has 14 years’ experience in working with adults and children in psychotherapy. Her creative processes combine the art of psychotherapy with her participation in visual arts, dance and movement. Now she shares these processes with all those who teach, train, speak and motivate others.

Panel discussion:

How and why to sell consulting as part of your speaking business
Hear and question some of our own as they tell the story of how and why they sell consulting. Is this a cash cow you can milk too?

Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger can answer questions on how to be a guru rather than a pieman by positioning yourself as expert.

Morongwa Makakane

Morongwa Makakane, is making waves after publishing her book ‘When is Enough Enough?” and will share why consulting is such a big part of her business..