Frank Furness

“Double Your Market, Double Your Income:
Keys to Conquer the Speaking Market and Stay Fully Booked”
How do you stay fully booked and create work anytime, anywhere? Frank Furness shares new and proven strategies to brand and promote your business online using social media and, most important, get booked for speaking engagements.

Graeme Codrington 
“Building for the long haul – how to future-proof your speaking business and prepare for success in a changing world”
The speaking industry is always in constant flux – no more than ever.  Learn how to keep ahead of the changes in our market, how to adapt your business to changing conditions, and how to ensure you can keep doing what you love – and love what you’re doing – for decades to come.

Dineshrie Pillay
Pecha Kucha (20 slides 20 seconds each) – How to make a Youtube video