Past Annual Conventions

PSASA 2018 Convention

Theme: XLR8 – Accelerate your Speaking Career

The 2018 convention was held at the Indaba Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The convention convenor was Richard Mulvey.

Pre-Con – Billy Selekane – $1Million Dollar Blueprint – How to build a sustainable speaker business in times of disruption

Speakers & Topics included:

  • Douglas Kruger CSP – Win them faster: How to be way more persuasive in your keynotes
  • John Molidor PhD, CSP – The Neuroscience of Speaking:  How Your Brain Can XLR8 Your Career
  • Sigi Lange PSAN President – Law that accelerate your impact
  • Steve Barnett – the Non-Speaker speaks.  Putting words to action
  • Shirley Taylor CSP – Grow Your Speaking Business By Connection Your Dots and The Global Speakers Federation
  • David Pisarra – Promote Your Persona with Podcasting
  • Siphiwe Moyo – In Hindsight: How you can accelerate you speaking business
  • Ian Hatton (SA) – How to Present virtually at full fee
  • Michelle Clark (Chile) – How to Present virtually at full fee
  • Tom Abbott ACC CSP (Singapore) – How to Present virtually at full fee
  • Brendon Ihmig – Accelerate your speaking business without saying a word
  • Yelang Prue Jinka – Use  your words
  • Rabison Shumba – Success Beyond the Speech
  • Sue Fuller-Good – Thrive Speaker Thrive
  • Andy Preston – The Future For Speakers
  • Mike Handcock – Build a Global business in Your Passion
  • Maggie Georgopoulos – How to accelerate your Speaking Business while holding onto your mental health
  • Chris Bertish – Limitless

PSASA 2017 Convention


The 2017 convention was held at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town.

The convention convenor was Bronwyn Hesketh.

Pre-Con – Steve Lowell CSP – Influence From the Platform – High-Impact Speaking Techni

Speakers and Topics included:

  • Andrew Bryant  (Singapore)- Self-leadership: The Narratives You Tell Yourself and Your Audiences
  • Brian Walter (USA)
  • David Grier,
  • David Lim (Singapore) – Power Conversations: How to succeed as a speaker at negotiations and sales
  • Julie Creffield (UK) – going the Distance – How to Stop Holding Yourself Back in Your Speaking Business
  • Lesley Rochat – BaitBall – Working Together to Sustain our Speaking Eco-System
  • Loretta Love Huff (USA),
  • Dr Maria Phalime,
  • Mel Sherwood (UK) – Off Stage Secrets for On Stage speaking Success
  • Nabil Doss (Canada) – The Trailer Code:  Set your message in motion  and unleash the Extraordinary
  • Rapelang Rabana,
  • Raymond de Villers,
  • Rebecca Morgan (USA) – Work. Play. Give. Learn to create your Legacy by Serving Others
  • Susan Luke Evans (Canada)
  • Allison – I have Life

PSASA 2016 Convention


The 2016 convention was held at Zebra Lodge, 35 km north of Pretoria.

The convention convenor was Richard Mulvey.

PreCon – Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef show you how to add juice to your speaking business from podium to platform

Speakers and topics included:

  • Douglas Kruger CSP – How to make your point without Powerpoint
  • Shireen Chengadu – enhancing and using your voice for impact on a personal, institutional and national level
  • Imtiaz Sooliman – The Gift of the Givers story – a South African national treasure
  • Arthur Goldstuck – From spoken word to social world – a speaker’s guide to the social jungle
  • Cobus Visser – Finding the hero within followed by a firewalk
  • Paul ter Waal (Netherlands) – Accountability to our audiences – making choices not excuses
  • Toby Shapshak – Technology with a twist for speakers – how to make yourself efficient
  • Amelie Yan-Gouiffes (Thailand / India) – Investing in diamonds……inner diamonds
  • Bronwyn Hesketh – Powered by Pecha Kucha
  • Ruby Newell-Legner CSP (USA) -Creating systems to put you centre stage
  • Janice Sheckter – The collaborative era and how it is changing the world
  • Hans de Graaf (Netherlands) – The neuroscience of video
  • Jonathan Low – The power of connections – relationship matters
  • Nicola Tyler,
  • Pam Warren (UK) – A survivor’s tale – from tragedy to triumph through the power of the voice
  • Wessel Pretorius – Authenticity: why speakers must walk their talk on and off the platform
  • Peter Cheales – Hello Peter: to the platform and beyond

PSASA 2015 Convention

Theme:  Break Out

The 2015 Convention was held in Cape Town.

The convention convenor was Charlotte Kemp.

Speakers included:

  • Faith Wood,
  • Pat McKrill,
  • Shep Hyken,
  • Gavin Keller,
  • Billy Selekane,
  • Alan Stevens,
  • Lenora Billing Harris,
  • Mike Ogilvie,
  • George Walther,
  • Bob Hooey,
  • Sepehr Taverdian,
  • Jackie Barrie,
  • Katja Schleicher,
  • Lorne Sulcas,
  • Craig Goldblatt,
  • Justin Cohen.

PSASA 2014 Convention

Theme:  Walking our Talk – Be Real, Be Rich

The 2014 Convention was held at the Sunnyside Hotel in Parktown, Johannesburg.

‘It is only those who really walk their talk and persuade others to do so who make a massive mark as speakers. And making such a mark will also guarantee them a great career and business.’ NSA’s Master of Influence award.

The PSASA’s theme for its Convention 2014 embraced the notion that to flourish we, as professional speakers, must be true to the values we deliver from the platform.

  • Are you ‘Walking your Talk?’ If not, how can you set about doing this?
  • Are you ‘Real’? If not, how can you be true to life and your values?
  • Are you ‘Rich’, in the sense of being truly fulfilled through what you do – emotionally, physically and materially? If not, what can you do about it?

Speakers included:

  • Graeme Codrington CSP, FPSA,
  • Jabulani JB Mangena,
  • Lorraine Jenks,
  • Nicky Abdinor,
  • Rob Caskie,
  • Ron Karr CSP, FPSA,
  • Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE,
  • Chantaul Jordan,
  • Charlotte Kemp Mulvey,
  • Douglas Kruger CSP,
  • Lesley Everett FPSA,
  • Morongwa Makakane,
  • Vanessa Wilson.

PSASA 2013 Convention

Theme:  The Professional Speakers Tool Kit

The 2013 PSASA Convention was held in Misty Hills Hotel, Johannesburg.

The conference convenor was Jacques de Villiers and the National President was Adolph Kaestner.

Speakers included:

  • Clem Sunter SASHoF,
  • Cheryl Cran CSP, HoF (Canada and GSF),
  • Ron Culberson CSP, MSW (USA),
  • Lesley Everet FPSA (UK),
  • Callie Roos,
  • Michael Kerr CSP, HoF (Canada),
  • Celynn Erasmus,
  • Rosemary Hossenlopp (USA),
  • Rebecca Morgan CSP, CMC (USA),
  • Stef Du Plessis CSP, SASHoF, SdPFA,
  • Douglas Kruger,
  • Paul du Toit CSP, SdPFA,
  • Richard Mulvey,
  • Robin Wheeler.

PSASA 2012 Convention

Theme:  Vocal is Lekker

The 2012 PSASA Convention was held in Durban at the Elangeni Hotel.

Claire Newton was the conference Convenor and the Presidents that year were Wolfgang Riebe CSP and Paul du Toit CSP, SdPFA.

Speakers included:

  • Andreas Buhr (Germany),
  • Charles Marcus (Canada),
  • Holger Woeltje,
  • Janelle Barlow CSP (USA),
  • Mykola Latansky (Ukraine),
  • Laura Stack Wolfgang Boenisch (Germany),
  • Martin Limbeck (Germany),
  • Richard McCann (UK),
  • Dr Bertie Du Plessis (SA),
  • Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren (SA),
  • Francois Muscat,
  • Dr Mark Manley, Jurgen Tietz,
  • Jacques de Villiers.

PSASA 2011 Convention

Theme:  I Speak before I Earn

The 2011 PSASA Convention was held in Spier Estate, Cape Town.

Wolfgang Riebe CSP was both Convenor and National President that year.

Speakers included:

  • Dr Lothar Seiwert CSP (Germany),
  • Hein Wagner,
  • Geoff Ram (UK),
  • Dr Hannes Dreyer,
  • Robin Pullen,
  • Marlene Ward,
  • Karl Smith,
  • Nabil Doss (Canada),
  • Adv Henk Botha,
  • Sepehr Tarverdian (Iran),
  • Dr Mark Manley,
  • Michelle Clark,
  • Marinda Seisenberg (Germany),
  • Na Elom Amouh (Germany),
  • John Kerr (UK),
  • Kenny Harris FPSA (UK),
  • Sean Weafwer (Ireland),
  • Alan Stevens (UK),
  • Kristen Arnold (USA),
  • Lesley Everett (UK,
  • Dan Poynter (USA),
  • Mark Berger,
  • Ronnie Muhl.

PSASA 2010 Convention

Theme:  The Game of Life and How to Play it!

The 2010 PSASA Convention was held in Gauteng at Emperor’s Palace.

Mark Manley was the Convenor and Gustav Gous CSP, was the National President.

Professional Speakers included –

  • Gary Bailey,
  • Lenora Billings-Harris CSP (USA),
  • Stef du Plessis CSP, SASHoF, SdPFA,
  • Anton v/d Post CSP, SASHoF,
  • Omekokgo Diblinga (USA),
  • Nikki Bush,
  • Jurgen Tietz,
  • Dan Poynter CSP (USA),
  • Jacques De Villiers,
  • Douglas Kruger,
  • Valda Ford (USA),
  • Morongwa Makakane,
  • James Roberttson,
  • Bryan Hattingh,
  • Phil van Hooser CSP (USA),
  • Lindsay Adams CSP (Australia),
  • Paul du Toit CSP, SdPFA,
  • Jeremy Nicholas (UK),
  • Sharon Olivier,
  • Nigel Smith,
  • Dr Fritz Holscher,
  • Wolfgang Boenisch (Germany),
  • Steve Burnett,
  • Annie Coetzee,
  • Dr Sherylle Calder

PSASA 2009 Convention

Theme:  Global Speakers Sumit

The 2009 PSASA Convention was also the Global Speakers Summit.

The Global Speakers Summit is the international conference held for speakers around the world, every two years.  It is their policy to host the event, where possible, in the country of one of their newest members, and South Africa and the PSASA were proud to welcome so many international speakers to the Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town in April of 2009.

Richard Mulvey was both the convenor and National President that year.

The speaker lineup included:

  • Lesley Everett FPSA (UK),
  • Frank Furness CSP FPSA (UK),
  • Anton V/D Post CSP,
  • Ian Thomas SASHoF,
  • Datuk Hamid,
  • Justin Cohen CSP, SASHoF,
  • Stef du Plessis CSP, SASHoF, SdPFA,
  • Francine Ward (USA),
  • Graeme Codrington CSP, FPSA,
  • Andy Brough,
  • Kristin Arnold CSP (USA)
  • Craig Goldblatt,
  • Roger Harrop,
  • Matthais Gerber (Germany),
  • Joachim De Popoisada (USA),
  • Scott Friedman CSP, CPAE (USA),
  • Elle Swan, Carol Spiers,
  • Lindsay Adams CSP (Aus),
  • Roelf Meyer,
  • Alan Stevens SCK, FPSA (UK),
  • Sam Silverstein CSP (USA),
  • Steven Tweed (USA),
  • Debra Fine.

PSASA 2008 Convention

Theme:  Going Global

The 2008 PSASA Convention was held in Durban at the Sibaya Casino.

The convenor was Richard Mulvey.

Annie Greeff CSP, SdPFA, was the National President at the time.

Speakers that year included:

  • Mark Le Blank CSP (USA),
  • Ronnie Muhl,
  • Dan Pooynter CSP),
  • Paul du Toit CSP SdPFA,
  • Trudi Du Toit,
  • Stephen C Tweed CSP (USA),
  • Alvin Law CSP (Canada),
  • Joe Sherren CSP (Canada),
  • Alan Stevens CSP FPSA (UK),
  • Buhle Dlamini,
    Lesley Everett FPSA (UK),
  • Kristen Arnold CSP (USA).

PSASA 2007 Convention

Theme:  From Passion to Profit

The 2007 PSASA Convention was held in Johannesburg at the Sandton Holiday Inn.

The Convenor was Paul du Toit CSP, SdPHoF and Billy Selekane CSP, SdPHoF was National President that year.

The speakers included:

  • Scott Friedman CSP, CPAE (USA),
  • Gavin Sharples,
  • Justin Cohen CSP, SASHoF,
  • Jacques De Villiers.

PSASA 2006 Convention

Theme:  From Good to Great

The 2006 PSASA Convention was held in Johannesburg at the Mount Grace Hotel in Magaliesburg.

The convener was Paul du Toit CSP, SdPFA, who was also National President at the time.

Speakers included:

  • Ian Thomas SASHoF,
  • W Mitchell CSP, CPAE (USA),
  • Richard Mulvey,
  • Paul Bridle CSP (UK).

Past Midterm Conventions

PSASA 2018 Mid-Term Convention

Themes: Innovation Inspiration and The Future of Speaking.

The 2018 mid-term convention was held at Open Workspace, Workshop 17, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town on 19 and 20 October.

Speakers & Topics included:

  • Abbas Jamie – Embracing innovation – The intersection of creativity, complexity, disruption and innovation
  • Alison Godenir – Gen Blending – Embracing the Unique Gifts of 4 Generations at work
  • Bruce Wade – The 6 Realities of Tomorrow – Understanding our current reality and how to communicate within it
  • Chris Voysey – Will AI replace EQ, SQ and AQ? A Concern for Connection
  • Graeme Codrington – The Future of Speaking for Business Audiences: The secrets to unlocking the corporate marketplace
  • Ian Hatton – Morpheus in the Matrix: Facilitation skills in the online world
  • Joni Peddie – Be future Fit: Biohack your brain!
  • Lois Strachan – A Different Way of Seeing: How Technology is Revolutionising the World of the Blind
  • Lorraine Jenks – Future proof your family first. Future proof your business fast.
  • Mike Handcock – Build a Global Business in your Passion
  • Radislav Gandapas – Become the speaker who can share your gifts
  • Roger Knowles – The ‘Real Deal’ Tomorrow: How Negotiation Techniques have changed
  • Ronnie Muhl – MC
  • Ross Saunders – The Tech Behind Speaking
  • Seth Naicker – Thinking about #futurefocus: Inspired by a deconstructed salad
  • Sid Peimer – In future, blue people will mean big bucks
  • Sibongiseni Tunzelana Thotsejane – How to access big data in your speaking business
  • Tanja Hichert – Living in a VUCA World
  • Taryn-Lee Kearsney – MC
  • Yelang Prue Jinka – Unlocking Africa’s potential through Innovation

PSASA 2017 Midterm Convention

Theme:  Creating a Speaker’s Digital Toolbox

The 2017 Midterm Convention of the PSASA was held from 20 – 21 October 2017  at Hackle Brooke Conference Centre in Randburg.

Conference Convenors – Gavin Novis and Garth Farrant

The Speakers and Topics included:

  • Dawn Klatzko – Art of the suit workshop – Rethinking Your Business Model
  • Cindy Alter – Drive to Thrive
  • Ross Saunders – Technology and your Business Today
  • Charlotte Kemp – Marketing your Business Services on LinkedIn
  • Leon Lategan – Lead Generation & Building Business Databases
  • Dean Murinik – Levelling the Playing Field
  • Jacques De Villiers and Jacques Vellerman – Writing and Publishing Business Books
  • Francois Muscat – Designing & Managing your Website and SEO

PSASA 2016 Midterm Convention

Theme: How to Monitise Your IP

The first Midterm Convention of the PSASA was held from 7 – 8 October 2016 in Randburg.

The Midterm convenor was Francois Muscat.

The Speakers and Topics included:

  • Richard Mulvey – Creating and Marketing your video content
  • Rich Simmonds – Social Media Activation
  • Rich Simmonds – Who will pay the Copy Cat?
  • Yelang Prue Jinka – 5 steps to monetising your IP
  • Leon Lategan – Optimise your business to increase your profits
  • Douglas Kruger – “Shelf-Space” – Why thought-leaders must be published