PSASA Virtual meeting – 12 March 2019

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PSASA Virtual meeting – 12 March 2019

Tuesday 12th March 2019‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 20:00 SAST/GMT+2

From Zero to Full Fee 

How to charge a full fee for your keynotes and training

Hello colleagues,

The one issue that new speakers and even seasoned campaigners want to find out about is the issue of what to charge for your presentations and training.

Richard Mulvey, twice Past National President of PSASA, Stef du Plessis Founders Award winner and Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame Award winner, and busy speaker, will help us to come to terms with the money side of speaking, at our next Virtual Chapter Meeting of the PSASA.

In this no nonsense session we will discuss the following:

  • How much do speakers charge for Keynotes
  • How do you get your clients to pay your full fee
  • When is it okay to reduce your fee or charge nothing at all
  • What can you charge for a day’s training
  • What additional income can you expect apart from your speaking fee
  • What do the bureaus charge
  • How to get high paid gigs without going through the Agents, Bureaus or PCOs
  • 3 models to use to calculate or negotiate your fee

In this session I will tell you what other speakers charge and how to get your fee up to their level.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019
6.30 – 8 pm
Online, via Zoom. The code will come with your booking.

No cost to book. Please invite your speaking and training colleagues to join us.

Please book here on Quicket for your place. All Virtual Chapter meetings are recorded and will appear on PSASA’s YouTube channel. Recordings are not sent to delegates who book and do not attend.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Charlotte Kemp (Chapter President) and Ian Hatton (Deputy President of Virtual Chapter)


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