PSASA Virtual meeting – 12 February 2019

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PSASA Virtual meeting – 12 February 2019

Tuesday 12th February 2019‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 20:00 SAST/GMT+2

Getting to know the PSASA

Hello Speaking Colleague

I know its far too late in the year to say Happy New Year, but since this is our first communication regarding the Virtual Chapter for 2019, I am going to go ahead and say it: Happy New Year to you, and may it be as exciting and successful for you, as so many of our colleagues are claiming theirs are already!

We have a number of new and newish members of PSASA, as well as many welcome regular guests. This is not a marketing pitch for new members, but we would love to have you on this meeting where we will be discussing the various resources and opportunities available within PSASA and in the broader speaking industry in South Africa.

During this call we will talk about:

  • The Chapter meetings, Workshops and Masterminds available
  • PSASA’s annual awards as well as the Certified Speaking Professional Designation
  • Our membership of the Global Speakers Federation
  • The annual conferences available within PSASA and other GSF member associations
  • Our 2 membership types
  • Who is who in the PSASA
  • eSpeakers affiliation and your professional brand available to speaker agencies worldwide
  • Leadership (real) opportunities
  • What online resources are available

As inspiration, we will name drop shameless and talk about members who have spoken overseas, served with the GSF, have all the awards, are Global Speaking Professionals, have awards from overseas associations, have spoken at the World Economic Forum, apparently “bought an island with his speaking fees” and more.

We will have Chapter Presidents and past and present National Presidents, online, to answer questions and share information.

There will be a breakout session where we will get a chance to chat in smaller groups and discuss the steps that we want to take to get to the next level in our speaking careers.

Join now for this meeting, and then drop me an email with any questions you want answered, about PSASA, about speaking in SA or speaking internationally, about fees, about awards, about anything speaking related. If we cannot address it in this meeting, then we will find a guest in the year who will be able to do it justice!

*You do not need to be a member of PSASA to attend this session. You will still receive a great deal of insight that may help you and we would love to have you there.


12 February 2019

6.30 – 8 pm

Online, via Zoom. Please book for the meeting code.


Charlotte Kemp (Chapter President) and Ian Hatton (Deputy President)

P.S. See what other meetings we have had at the Virtual Chapter and watch the videos for great insights, here.


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