Pretoria Chapter Meeting

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Pretoria Chapter Meeting

Thursday 28th May 2020‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 21:00 SAST/GMT+2


Welcome PSASA Community, Speakers and Friends,

Please accept my invitation to our PSASA Pretoria Chapter Meeting on 28 May 2020.

I hope that you are continuing to manage the challenges of the COVID19 pandemic with #Tenacity. We do not have control over what is happening; we do not know how long the pandemic will last; we have no sense of how the world will unfold afterwards. What we do have control over, is how we manage our emotions and our reactions to the uncertainty. Self-care and self-mastery are very important during this time.

Our topic for the May chapter meeting is The 2nd Arrow.

The Buddha once asked a student: “if a person is struck by an arrow, is it painful?” The student replied: “it is.” The Buddha then asked: “if the person is struck by a second arrow, is that even more painful?” The student replied again: “it is.” The Buddha then explained, “in life, we cannot always control the first arrow. However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first. And with this second arrow comes the possibility of choice.”

With the COVID 19 pandemic causing global chaos, no-one has been spared – the economy, business, school, freedom, health, and life in general. It is an unprecedented time in the history of the world. As economies gradually open up for business, individuals return to work highly traumatised, emotionally affected, mentally stressed, and physically exhausted. In this talk, Dr Alex Granger will share 3 simple and effective ways of dealing with the 2nd arrow of crisis, uncertainty, and anxiety.

Our Speaker – Dr Alex Granger

Dr Alex Granger is considered one of the top speakers on leadership; and personal mastery in Africa. His work is embraced by business leaders of blue-chip companies, associations, institutes, and leaders in government. He has been speaking since 2002. His messages can be described as transformational, dynamic, life-changing, incredibly meaningful, and highly impactful. He is the author of four books, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Twice Blue, and CEO of The Possibility of YOU.

Wishing you good health and tenacity as we live our new normal.


Best wishes,


Dr Maureen Tong
Chapter President, PSASA Pretoria


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